To understand people and be understood, know that communication is a process that requires three elements to be successful. These are a sender, a receiver and a message. Since we all hear with our own attitudes, often we are unable to listen to what was said. With communication skills, leaders can understand styles of behavior and overcome communication barriers. The silent language of communication is body language which makes up approximately 60% of the message. Words only constitute 10% of the message (sounds and inflection are the missing 30%) but making communicating more difficult is the fact that the 500 most often used words have more than 15,000 different meanings. By listening actively and clarifying with open ended questions, the “communication breakdowns” which are stressful and time wasting are minimized. Since communication is the “human connection”, it is critical for any meaningful relationship but unfortunately it isn’t taught at every level in school although we communicate from the day we are born.