Broken down into two words motivation consists of a motive for action. In other words, a reason, purpose or goal for doing something – for taking action with the desire to accomplish and achieve. People do things to gain a benefit or avoid a loss. Success is built on failure and the desire to continue working toward the goal, in spite of disappointment and setbacks, is what allows an individual or a group to avoid giving up. The word quit isn’t in the vocabulary of a motivated person. There are several different types of motivation. Fear motivation is based on force and is only temporary. Incentive motivation based on reward is also temporary and external. The only kind of motivation that lasts is attitude motivation which is based on change. Attitude motivation affects how you react to other people and how they react to you. The person takes action because they want to (desire) not because they think they have to. Desire means that you can be whatever you want to be and obstacles can be overcome with a plan. You can create an environment which allows you to continue moving forward and overcome those roadblocks which are inevitable on the path to attain success.