Personal Growth

We are told that most people use very little of their potential. The average person only uses somewhere between 15 and 20% while high achievers, our leaders, use about 1/3. Since we are all creatures of habit (approximately 95% of what we do every day is done by habit), the attitudes (habits of thought) we possess direct our behavior. Unfortunately, because we were conditioned with negatives throughout our childhood, we become adults who often believe that something we haven’t done before cannot be accomplished. The words no, don’t, can’t and shouldn’t were repeated over and over again by parents and significant adults and they are internalized so we are afraid of trying something new or different. Although success is built from failure, we do not see the opportunity. Our attitudes direct our behavior which determines our results. To change the way we think, we first need insight. It is said that to make a change we need the three A’s which are awareness, acceptance and action. Once we gain the recognition of what we do, we have a choice. Most of us have a vast untapped potential for achievement and success but our greatest enemy is those messages that invade our sub-conscious mind.