Supervisory & Time Management Skills

Supervision involves both hand holding and letting go. It means directing, which requires communication skills, and motivating. Sometimes supervisory skill involves guiding the work, organizing the work, developing the staff (to increase the skill level of each employee), managing performance (which can involve removing obstacles to allow for better performance) and enforcing policies and procedures. In other words, like so many other, areas multiple skills are essential. One of these is time management. Time is the most precious resource because it is not replaceable. Once spent, it is gone and learning the tools and techniques to utilize one’s time capital productively is crucial for success. Effective personal and organizational productivity is a measure of how well time is utilized. It involves attitudes, actions and behaviors. Self image and self discipline both play a role in how well time is used. So do balancing effectiveness and efficiency. Overcoming procrastination which is usually caused by fear, worry or doubt is essential. Since we really cannot manage time, we need to focus on how we think and respond to circumstances and situations.